Our Vision, Mission & Identity

Our Vision

Aspiring to be a top research driven, community serving, not-for-profit center of excellence for healthcare services.

Our Mission

To become a preferred healthcare service provider by continuously focusing on high-end teaching, research and community development.  

Our Identity

Patient Centricity – To keep patients’ concerns and needs at the heart of all our systems and processes.

Ownership & Accountability – To act with complete responsibility and ownership towards all our patients and ensure service delivery in line with our commitments to them.

Ethics & Integrity – To ensure that all services and treatments provided are not only ethical but also with a human touch and that any unethical practice if observed be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

Research & Innovation – To continuously focus on medical research, with the objective of identifying and developing advanced technologies and treatments for the common as well as rare medical conditions, affordable for one and all.


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