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    • I-felt-I-must-write-and-thank-you-for-the-care-and-consideration-shown-to-me-over-the-last-six-months-when-I-have-been-undergoing-various-tests-in-your-Hospital- I felt I must write and thank you for the care and consideration shown to me over the last six months, when I have been undergoing various tests in your Hospital....
    • I-am-very-grateful-to-you-and-your-team-for-the-excellent-support-extended-by-you-all-during-my-treatment- I am very grateful to you and your team for the excellent support extended by you all during my treatment....
    • Sharda-Hospital-in-my-knowledge Sharda Hospital in my knowledge...
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Press Clipings for April 2017 


Rashtriya Sahara, April 3rd 2017





Press Clipings for March 2017 


Hindustan, March 21th 2017


The Pioneer, March 22nd 2017 


Press Clipings for February 2017 


Jagran, February 14th 2017


Jagran, February 14th 2017


Jagran, February 5th 2017

Press Clipings for January 2017 


Jagran, January 30th 2017


Jagran, January 11th 2017


Deshbandhu, January 11th 2017

Press Clipings for December 2016 


Jagran, December 17th 2016


Amar Ujala, December 17th 2016 


Jagran, December 12th 2016


Rastriya Sahara, December 12th 2016


Amar Ujala, December 12th 2016


Deshbandhu, December 12th 2016


Deshbandhu, December 9th 2016


Hindustan, December 9th 2016


Dainik Jagran, December 9th 2016


Amar Ujala, December 9th 2016






Press Clipings for October and November 2016 


Tennews.in, October 22nd 2016


Amar Ujala, October 22nd 2016


Deshbandhu, October 19th 2016


Dainik jagran, October 19th 2016


Amar Ujala, October 19th 2016

Press Clipings for August and September 2016 


Dainik Jagran, September 30th 2016


Amar Ujala, September 30th 2016


Grenonews.com, September 30th 2016

Tennews.in, September 30th 2016

Press Clipings for June and July 2016 


Deshbandhu, July 2nd 2016


Deshbandhu, June 30th 2016


Dainik Jagran June, 4th 2016

Press Clipings for April and May 2016 

  Best Private University in India  

SNB May 9th, 2016


Amar Ujala May 9th, 2016


Desh Bandhu May 8th, 2016


Dainik Jagran May 8th 2016


Dainik Jagran May 5th , 2016


Dainik Jagran April, 8th 2016



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