Key Services

Key Services

  • 900+ Beds Indoor Capacity
  •  General Out-Patient Department in all Specialties
  • Private OPD for Superspecialties
  • 24 hours Emergency and Trauma Services
  • 90 Beds in Critical Care, MICU, ICCU, SICU, NICU & PICU
  • 10 state-of-the-art Modular Operation Theatres
  • 24 Hours Ambulance Service (ICU on Wheels) and other support services
  • An ultramodern state-of-the-art Central Laboratory with Hematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Histopathology Services
  • Fully equipped Blood Bank with Whole Blood, Transfusable Blood Components and Platlets (Apheresis)
  • MRI 3 Tesla, Digital X-ray with Image Intensifier, Ultrasound with facility for Doppler, Multi Slice Dual CT Scanner
  • Tertiary level care across medical and surgical specialties

Stateof the art Equipments

CT Scan: 128 Slice volume CT Scan capable of generating high quality 3D images.

Cath Lab: Flat panel combo Cath. Lab with 3D reconstruction, DSA and Electrophysiological studies.

Blood Bank: A state-of-the-art Blood Bank meeting all standards has been set up with facilities like Aphaeresis and Blood Component Separation.

Laboratories: The Hospital has one of the most well equipped labs in Delhi NCR for entire gamut of diagnostic services in Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Histopathology.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound machines with 3D imaging and whole body Doppler.

Mammography: Low radiation digital imaging.

X - Ray with high frequency low radiation digital radiography.

Bone Mineral Density: Whole body mineral density scan (Dexa Scan) capable of giving instant reports.

Dental Facilities: Sharda Hospital has fully integrated and automatic dental chairs complemented by low radiation and high precision digital X-Ray.

Endoscopy Services: The Hospital has a endoscopy facilities available for Gastroenterology and Pulmonology Endoscopic procedures like ERCP, Stenting, UGIE, Colonoscopy etc are available. 

Ambulance Services: The Hospital has a fleet of Ambulances fully equipped with Advanced Life Support System for all kinds of emergencies.

Dialysis: with most modern machines in safest and convenient environment



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