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MR. PRADEEP KUMAR GUPTA Chairman, Sharda Hospital

Mr. P.K. Gupta believes that the true rewards of entrepreneurship are not the kind that can be counted or weighed. As per him, “It was not just an intention to be successful or the idea of huge profits that motivated me to foray into the higher education sector. In fact, I was genuinely concerned as I saw the drive in the youth around me.” Time decides everything...Our fate...Our journey...Our life...And when time changes, everything changes...sometimes for worse... sometimes for good... sometimes for best. If a good thing is meant to happen, it will, at the right time for the obvious right reasons. “I never believed that until it happened to me.” After completing his graduation from Victoria Engineering College, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta started his entrepreneurial journey with HNT as a contractor in 1979. By 1980, he was an entrepreneur and had started “Maxwell Products” at Agra, his business of manufacturing & supplying engineering equipment to various Educational and Research Laboratories. After establishing a strong foothold in the city of Taj Mahal, he diligently spread his business from North India to South India and he shifted to Chennai in 1985. He envisioned delivering world-class education and nurturing future leaders which saw the establishment of Sharda Group of Institutions in 1996. Today, the Group has 4 campuses spread over 180 acres with 20 colleges. Reaching new milestones, Mr.Pradeep Gupta established Sharda Hospital in 2005 to provide hi-tech medical care at affordable cost to everyone. Realising the immense potential that Biotechnology offers, Mr. Gupta has established Maxwell Biotech to develop products for the benefit of mankind. Distinguished awards conferred on Mr. P.K. Gupta include: 'Udyog Ratna' award 'Uttar Pradesh Ratna' award 'Gaurav Shri' award for entrepreneurship from the Alumni Association of Agra University Best Educationist award from the Federation of Educational Publisher in India  


MR. YATENDRA KUMAR GUPTA Vice-Chairman, Sharda Hospital

Born in 1966, Mr. Y.K. Gupta is a renowned educationist, social leader and a visionary industrialist who has traversed a tough road to the position he holds in Sharda Group. Brought up in Agra, he is an inventive leader who always favoured a strong and self-reliant India. He completed graduation from Agra University in the year 1987. As an entrepreneur, his first business venture was supplying the scientific equipment and machinery across different states in India. While dealing with the business, Mr. Y.K. Gupta felt an acute urgency to establish a state-of-the-art educational institution in Agra to fulfill the need of high-quality professional education to the young generation thereby empowering the young India to grow. With the burning desire to do something for the betterment of the students, he along with his elder brother Mr. P.K. Gupta opened the first engineering college in Uttar Pradesh named as Hindustan College of Science and Technology in Mathura. And the journey of an education reform began. Together with his elder brother, Mr. YK Gupta has expanded possibilities of Sharda Group in construction, engineering tools and biotechnology. His passion to excel will permeate through these ventures too. Award conferred on Mr. Y.K. Gupta  “INDIA SKILL AWARD-2014” during Australia-India Skills Conference-2013

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Dr. Abhishek Deepak

Consultant Gastroentrology & Assistant Professor

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