7 Ways to Find Inner Peace in Busy Life!

May 09, 2018

Sometimes a simple change in your look, an unexpected compliment or a helping gesture towards someone can bring you peace and happiness all at once. However, in the whirlwind of life, we tend to forget the perks of appreciating little things. The stress and anxiety levels are so high that even the festivals and celebrations take a back seat. We get busy living the catch-up cycle, leaving our calm and composure way behind. Is that what we are working for? And is that what we want? The answer is too obvious to be stated. Let's take a moment, realize what we're missing, and find the inner peace that is lost amidst our hectic lives.

How to Find Inner Peace in a Hectic Schedule?

If your days feel more chaotic than calm, finding little moments of tranquillity can make a big difference in your life. Besides, incorporating these in life won't require any extra effort. Are you up for it?

1. Break Tasks into Steps

There's a point of the day when you're most efficient and may able to complete any given tasks. Pick that time to end that task. Once you are able to finish that task, you will experience a sense of achievement. Besides, your mind will be at peace. Just keep yourself from feeling rushed and make the most out of the productive YOU.

2. Trust Your Decisions

Stop doubting your choices. Resist playing ifs and buts with your mind. Instead, thank it for leading you to a decision. When you're done, pay attention to your body. Notice how your body responded. If the choice made you feel relaxed and opened, it is probably the best thing you did. Remember your body never lies.

3. Spare Yourself from Comparisons

Comparing ourselves to others is a biggie, and we intentionally bring this upon us. Look how perfect his body is, why I can't look that way - Just stop that. A comparison in terms of well-being, money, career, job, etc. also causes unnecessary distress and destroys our peace. We tend to feel envious that others ‘appear’ to be doing better than us. Yet we can never truly know what troubles they might have gone through to reach where they are. Therefore, when the comparative thoughts hit you, be grateful for what you have. Not everyone has that.

4. Be Your Confidant

No one will ever tell you how to deal with your problems or what to do when you're panicking. You have to sail your own boat. People could offer help, but that's not going to last forever. Therefore, be your own support system. Knowing that you can deal with any problem single-handedly is a pleasure in itself. And, surely, it brings a feeling of contentment.

5. Avoid Negative Surroundings

As positive vibes attract positivity, similarly, negative vibes attract negativity. You might involuntarily end up absorbing other people's anxieties. If you feel yourself hovering on the edge of losing your peace, hang out with people who are more grateful and satisfied. This will make you feel lighter, and you will absorb the qualities that help them stay positive.

6. Embrace the Uncertainty

One of the most important steps towards peace is accepting the uncertainty. Understand the fact that the future is unsure, and it is out of your control. Obsessing about it won't help. Instead, focus on getting through today and leave the future for tomorrow.

7. Sometimes Take a Halt

Being an always-yes person doesn't get you anywhere. Besides, most of the times, you end up losing all the energy which you could have saved by simply saying a 'no'. As a matter of fact, saying yes to everything results in an overwhelming situation sooner or later and may ruin your peace. Therefore, consider saying yes to others only when you can manage things without creating chaos for yourself.

Quick Tips for a Peaceful Life

Besides the tips discussed, also try to take the following baby steps that slowly, but surely make a difference.
  • Walk to a park, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Let go of things you cannot control.
  • List out things that you love about your life and be thankful for them.
  • Let others' opinion stay with them. Don't worry about what they will think.
  • Listen to music that touches your soul. Music is the best medium to find peace and serenity.
  • Smile more often. It lifts the spirits and brings peace to the soul.
  • Be compassionate. Offer a helping hand to someone.
  • Do what you love be it painting, singing, dancing or anything, even minutely related to your smile.
  • Know that you are not alone. Many people suffer from the same issues that you have. The key is to keep going.
  • Let go of expectations. Everyone desires their life to be better. We all have ideas and thoughts about how we want everything to be. However, when life stumbles at a roundabout, the best thing to do is maintain inner peace and accept it.
We understand when the paths are rough, and the turns are tricky, it becomes difficult to find inner peace. However, all we should try to do is believe that nothing is permanent. Dwell in the power of your inner peace, and you will see, the rocky turn was just a pebble in your way.

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