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Stone Diseases

Occurrence of Stones is one of the most common diseases that are treated in the urology department. This is also considered as one of the most painful urological diseases as well. Stones tha

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Slow Heart Rate

Having Bradycardia is a condition where the heart beats very slowly. For most people, a heart rate of 60 to 100 beats a minute (at rest) is considered normal. If the heart beats less than 60

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It is a very common contagious disease caused by a small mite. It eventually involves all family members. It's characterized by small pimples over the body with severe itching.

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Stones in Gall Bladder/its Duct (CBD)

A gallstone is a piece of solid material (hardened deposits) that forms in the gallbladder. The gallstone may vary in size and number and symptoms may or may not be caused. A person may not

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Stones in the Kidney or urinary tract

Kidney stones are hard deposits of acid salts and minerals that remain together in concentrated urine. They are usually painful but do not cause permanent damage. The condition may require t

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