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65-Year-Old Overcomes Migraines After 27 Years

Renee, a 65-years-old woman had migraines for 27 years. She experienced her first migraine attack at the age of 38. The first few attacks were episodic, a few times per month. As Renee did not face any difficulty, she ignored the condition.

Few months later, she began experiencing migraines several times a week. Her migraine was traumatic and highly painful. She used to scream and hold her head to stop the pain. When the attacks began reoccurring frequently, Renee came to Sharda Hospital for consultation.

At Sharda Hospital, Dr. Ashok Kumar Aggarwal, HOD, Internal Medicine took her case. Understanding her signs and symptoms, the doctor suggested a CT scan, MRI and blood test to confirm Renee's condition. The test results confirmed of Chronic Intractable Migraine.

Though Renee saw it coming, she was puzzled what to do next and how to make her condition better. The doctor then explained her about the risk factors that can trigger the pulsating migraine attack in the first place.

The factors included stress, anxiety, low blood sugar, excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine, hormonal changes and irregular sleeping pattern. She was advised to steer clear of these factors as much as possible.

In addition, Dr. Aggarwal prescribed her abortive and rescue medications to prevent worsening the condition. As precautionary, he suggested Renee to use ice packs, always carry sunglasses and a cap to prevent the triggers.

The doctor also suggested Renee a surgical decompression, if her condition remains unchanged. Since Renee experienced positive change in her migraines, she retracted from the surgical treatment. Renee has overcome migraine following Dr. Aggarwal's directions and sticking to the medications prescribed by him.

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