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A Brave Pancreatic Pseudocyst Survivor

Ashima was constantly suffering from nausea, fever and diarrhea. Her condition worsened when she started showing symptoms of jaundice.

At first, her mother tried treating her with some home remedies but as the cure did not work, she was brought to Sharda Hospital for diagnosis. The doctor suggested her to undergo a CT scan and ultrasound to know about her condition.

Though it was clear that Ashima was no way near jaundice, the doctor stated she was suffering from Pancreatic Pseudocyst. Pancreatic Pseudocyst is a condition that causes complications of pancreatitis.

Ashima was left in a state of shock when the doctors informed her that the pseudocyst could have been there for 2-3 years. Observing her condition, the doctor advised Ashima to undergo laparoscopic surgery. To make sure she felt comfortable with it, the doctor took time to explain why this surgery would be a wise choice.

Ashima was mildly sedated with general anesthesia. The surgeon created an opening between the pancreatic pseudocyst and the stomach. Once the pseudocyst was exposed, the surgeon drained it into the stomach.

"There was a drastic change in my health. I finally able to consume food without feeling nauseated. My incisions healed within 10 days and I was able to resume my normal activities very quickly. As promised by Sharda Hospital, the surgery proved to be the best decision for my condition." - Ashima Agarwal

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