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A Healthy Lifestyle Helped in Responding Well to Lung Cancer Treatment

In January 2018, Anita began experiencing sudden chest pains. She figured, it might be due to some bruised cartilage or a strain. In addition, she also started feeling achy and tired most of the time. Thus, she decided to stop exercising for a while.

When she did not feel any comfort and improvement, she went to consult a doctor. The doctor dismissed her by prescribing some painkillers as her x-rays were normal.

Still perplexed and struggling, Anita visited Dr. Chandan Kumar of Physiotherapy department at Sharda Hospital for clear lookout. The doctor ordered a standing x-ray and found her entire chest wall was clouded.

He immediately referred Anita to Dr. Shailendra Nath Gaur, expert and specialist in Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis. Analyzing the previous tests, Dr. Gaur prescribed CT scan to validate the condition. The test results confirmed adenocarcinoma (lung cancer).

Since Anita was otherwise healthy and young, she responded well to the chemotherapy. She underwent five few chemo sessions and the main tumor responded and shrunk. Anita has not had any tumor growth since March 2018, and is continuing her CT scans every month.   

"The other doctors were focusing on my bones, not my lungs. I appreciate the eye for detail and empathetic patient care provided by Sharda Hospital." -says Anita

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