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ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant Surgery at Sharda Hospital

Sanjay Kathuria, a Sharda Hospital patient, had been on a kidney transplant waiting list for the last 6 months anxiously anticipating that greatly desired call informing him that he finally has a donor.

The process of finding a matching donor for Sanjay had been especially long and difficult because he has blood type O – making him a universal donor for others but immensely limiting his options as a recipient. Having blood type O, Sanjay is only able to receive organ and blood transplants from donor with the same blood type – effectively eliminating all other donors with types A, B and AB.

Suffering from diabetes and already living with a permanent dialysis catheter to manage his impending kidney failure (a common condition among many people with blood type O), Sanjay’s timeline for survival and recovery hinged on finding a matching living kidney donor.

Unable to find a matching donor Sanjay and his physician, Dr Deepak Jain, Head of Department, Institute of Renal Sciences and Transplant at Sharda Hospital decided to pursue a non-matching blood type kidney transplant (ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant) where Sanjay’s wife Kajal could donate her kidney to him, even though they have different blood types. The surgery was performed at Sharda hospital’s Center of Renal Sciences & Transplant, which was one of its kinds performed in Delhi NCR region. It involved eliminating the anti-B antibodies from the plasma in the donor’s blood (in this case Sanjay’s wife) and administers it to the transplant patient through a transfusion.  The surgery was a huge success and gave Sanjay the gift of life.

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