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After 2 Miscarriages, 35-Year-Old Gave Birth to a Beautiful Girl

In 2014, Mr. & Mrs. Garg faced an unfortunate miscarriage. A year later, when the couple tried to conceive, Mrs. Garg again had an early miscarriage, at 7 weeks.

With recurrent miscarriages, the couple was scared to give the pregnancy another try. They consulted their regular doctor who declared that Mrs. Garg won't be able to conceive as her uterus has developed an abnormal shape, also known uterine and/or cervix abnormality.

Though the doctor was clear in her reports, Mr. & Mrs. Garg decided to take a second opinion. When the couple came to Sharda Hospital, they were referred to Dr. Nimmi Chutani, who is an expert in treating such cases.   

After going through their reports, Dr. Chutani confirmed that due to uterine abnormality, it is challenging for Mrs. Garg to get pregnant. However, if she goes through the process of hysteroscopy, she might be able to conceive.

The couple agreed to undergo the hysteroscopy process as directed by the doctor. Mrs. Garg was mildly sedated after which the doctor inserted a hysteroscope into the uterus and then removed the band of tissue using a laser. 

Once the procedure was over, Mrs. Garg was discharged the same day. Again two months after the procedure, the couple tried to conceive. In 2017, Mrs. Garg gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The baby is healthy and the couple is immensely thankful to the Gynecology & Obstetrics team for making it possible for them.

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