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Battling Cancer with a Strong Resolve, Twice

Suhana's battle with cancer started in May 2012 after she discovered a red mark on her stomach. At first, Suhana and her mother thought it was normal and ignored it, however, the mark grew with time. 

They consulted a nearby doctor who said it could be a rare case of fat accumulation resulting in inflammation. 
However, due to an unusual growth of the bump, the mother-daughter duo decided to go for a second opinion. 

One of the relatives suggested to consult an Oncology specialist, Dr. Sanjay Rai at Sharda Hospital.
After all the tests and check-ups, Suhana was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor. Surgery was the only viable option. 

Dr. Sanjay and his team performed a surgery for tumor removal. The patient had 24 stitches and a drainage tube was attached to her body after the surgery. She was advised to stay at the hospital for another 15 days for post-operative recover.

On the 3rd day after surgery, the doctors noticed another lump around the surgery scar. A biopsy divulged that Cancer had hit her again. The stitches of the previous surgery had not dissolved yet, and she was about to have another surgery. 

Suhana underwent chemotherapy before the upcoming surgery.

This was an even bigger operation with her life at stake. This time she got 62+ stitches. The treatment was hard but the patient has emerged out as a victorious survivor with positive outlook to life.

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