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Bouncing Back From Frequent Asthma Attacks

Aayan was 8-years-old when he was diagnosed with Asthma. Being an avid tennis player, he would struggle for breath while playing. One day while practicing, he experienced a loud wheezing sound escaping his breath every time he exhaled.

He returned home and informed his mother about his condition. Belonging from a medical background, his mother immediately brought him to Sharda Hospital for diagnosis. She made an appointment with Dr. Ashok Kumar Aggarwal, Internal Medicine specialist.

The doctor confirmed that Aayan was suffering from Asthma. He was hospitalized about two times every year, and often contracted pneumonia during the winters. Observing his condition, Dr. Aggarwal prescribed Aayan oral steroids that would prevent asthma atacks. 

Despite his improvements after ingesting oral steroids, his mother made sure he always carried his inhaler and nebulizer.

With this approach, Aayan has been hospitalized only two times since 2016, when he began his treatment with Sharda Hospital. He receives treatment with intravenous steroids three to five times a week.

Aayan is 10-years-old now and is living his dream of being a tennis player. "He is getting better with every passing moment. Dr. Aggarwal and team had been a helping source throughout his treatment." - Anam Siddhqui (Aayan's mother) 

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