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Confident and Smiling: Azham Found Relief from Eczema

Azham is a 26-year-old Human Resource Manager. His work demands him to be highly presentable and well-groomed at all times. Combating eczema for past one year, Azham tried every possible remedy to treat the condition.   

The symptoms began to show when Azham was 25-year-old, working as an Executive HR Manager. Initially, there were only mild rashes on the nape of his neck. Thinking they might heal, he carried on with his daily life.

In October 2016, suddenly his rashes began to flare-up. He started experiencing excess itching and redness around his face, neck and around the eyes. He would scratch over and over leaving the skin rough and flaky.

Since his condition was getting worse, Azham decided to consult a skin doctor. He came to Sharda Hospital for consultation and was recommended to see Dr. Akhil Kumar Singh, Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy Specialist.

When Azham visited Dr. Singh, he reported, he had been using fresh aloe vera gel for the rashes. The application helped in healing for a month but the rashes again started showing. After examining Azham, the doctor advised to take salt baths every alternate day.

He also advised him some medications and drugs, including steroid pills and others. The doctor prescribed him a topical cream as well to soak the rashes and reduce the irritation. Azham soon experienced relief in his condition.

When he visited the doctor for his regular check-up, Dr. Singh advised him to complete the medicinal course as directed. However, if the symptoms show again, he should consider phototherapy.

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