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Early Bronchoscopy and Treatment Yield Ideal Outcome

Mohit at the age of 20 was diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomatosis. Mohit's disorder attacked his joints, skin, sinuses, and eventually his respiratory track. The tubes bringing air into his lungs were speedily closing.

The local doctors in his hometown diagnosed him and provided Mohit with the best care that they could offer. Increasingly worried that Mohit's airway might completely close, they informed his family to be prepared for lung transplantation.

When Mohit's condition turned critical, they referred him to Dr. Shailendra Nath Gaur, HOD, Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis at Sharda Hospital. Dr. Gaur with other paramedics explained that Mohit's condition was difficult to manage. And, since previous treatments had failed, the best option to treat this condition is to consider surgery.

Since Mohit's life was on the line, his parents consented for the surgery. However, when Dr. Gaur performed bronchoscopy to identify the extent of disease, he realized the case is more complex than it seems.

Dr. Gaur used a combination of procedures to open the airway, including balloon dilation, and cryotherapy. To his surprise, Mohit responded well to the procedures. His airways stayed open, and he was able to breathe more easily. Thus, lung transplant was no longer required.

Mohit has been fine and healthy since then. He comes to Sharda Hospital for regular check-up and is leading a normal life without complications.

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