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To Care for the Elderly Is Divine

A knee replacement surgery opens a person to a number of risks. The same was confirmed by Mrs. Aarti Juneja’s case. Aged 70 years, Aarti had recently undergone joint replacement surgery at a reputed private hospital in Delhi. 

As she was being discharged, she noticed a slight swelling near her knees. On enquiring about the same, she was informed that the swelling was normal after the surgery, and would go away soon. 

The discharge was made swiftly as the hospital had limited beds in the season.

She came back home, but the swelling just didn’t seem to go away; the pain kept on increasing. She decided to visit the hospital once again, but this time, she was sure that she wanted a different and better hospital for proper assistance.

Her son brought her to Sharda Hospital about which he had heard from a colleague who had undergone a procedure there. 

“I took my mother to Sharda. They were bewildered that my mother had been discharged in the first place,” says Shivam, Mrs. Aarti’s son. “They immediately admitted her to the hospital telling us that she had an infection in her knees that has spread due to lack of timely care. Our entire family was distraught. We just wanted our mom to be fine.”

“The doctors assured us that everything was going to be okay and they would take care of my mother in the best possible manner.”

Mrs. Aarti was treated in the critical care unit of the hospital to ensure she was free of any infection. She was kept in the ICU and to quote her words, she ‘felt like home’ with the nurses and jovial staff. Even though she was kept in a separate room so the infection could be treated with care, she never felt alone - courtesy the nurses and doctors.


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