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Being Cared for at the Intensive Care Unit

Before surviving a possibly fatal car accident and being in coma for over a week, Mr. Manoj was working as a chartered accountant. 

A hardworking office-going man was now in a hospital where he would be bedridden at least for the next 6 months. 

Seeing his condition after the accident, Manoj’s family say they had lost all hopes of ever seeing him come out of coma. But Kamraj, Manoj’s father says he could see the changes in his son’s health.

“He was in coma but, as they say, no one can understand their son more than their father”, 

he explains clearing the lump in his throat.

“On the 8th day, as I was talking to the nurse about his recovery and the changes in medicines, there was chaos in the ICU about a patient.”

There was a stream of anxiousness all around, only to end to my delight.

“It was my son, he was out of the coma and I couldn’t believe my eyes,” recalls an ecstatic Mr. Kamraj.

“Dr Aarti told us that our son would be in the ICU for at least a fortnight because his health was still unstable, however, she told us not to worry at all as his son was in safe hands,” says his mother. 

With treatment and care during the next 15 days, Manoj’s health was in good shape. Within 3 months, he was discharged from the hospital and was told to be on bed rest for the next 3 months.

Manoj’s case has been one of the very special ones for the Sharda Hospital’s staff. 

“I want to thank the nurses and specially Dr. Aarti for playing such an important role during the course of my stay in the hospital. Her comforting works and the staff’s care is what kept me and my family going. I would be rejoining office in a week and this is like a second birth for me.”, says a gratified Manoj.


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