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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Saved Satnam from Excruciating Pain & Suffering

Satnam was getting his regular body check-up, when his general physician noticed tiny deposits in the gallbladder. The physician advised Satnam to have them removed before they cause any serious complications.

Knowing the stones were not affecting Satnam's health, he decided to overlook the condition. Few months later, while traveling overseas, Satnam found himself fighting nausea and extremely painful abdominal cramps. When he returned, he experienced sudden intensifying pain in the upper right abdominal part.

Perplexed by his condition, he came to Sharda Hospital. While the doctor analyzed his medical history, he addressed about the tiny deposits in Satnam's gallbladder. After CT scan and ultrasound, the results confirmed the condition of cholecystitis.

In this condition, once the body produces the gallstones, the gallbladder would continue to store calcium and produce more. Hence, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is the best and only treatment to this particular condition.

Understanding that ignoring health has caused him a lot of suffering, Satnam consented to undergo the procedure. The doctor prepared him for surgery by mildly sedating him under general anesthesia. Further, the doctor made small incisions and placed a small, thin tube in his body. Then, with the help of other surgical tools, the doctor removed Satnam's gallbladder.

Satnam was kept under observation for a day. Since his condition was stable, he was discharged the next day.

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