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Anshula’s Second Innings - Life after Two Kidney Transplants

Anshula was born with a condition that causes urine to push up from her bladder back into the kidneys. With a normal, healthy bladder, the tubes close as the bladder fills with urine, preventing it from flowing back into the kidneys and after performing proper analysis, doctors suggested that she required a Kidney Transplant.

Anshula was fortunate. After a mere two weeks, a suitable kidney from an unknown donor became available. It matched her blood type and she was prepped for surgery merely at an age of 10 years.

But this wasn’t the end of her journey to health. In 2017, 12 years after the transplant, her body started rejecting the kidney and this affected her health. The toxins started to affect Anshula’s brain and vision. “It felt as if I was looking at the world through a layer,” she says. She suffered from debilitating migraines and couldn’t eat or drink much. She just wanted to sleep, but when she lay down, she couldn’t breathe. Her skin went numb.

As Anshula’s health deteriorated, her younger sister, Lata, made a brave move. She went for blood and DNA testing to find out if she could donate one of her kidneys to her dying sibling. Lata was a perfect match, and the decision was made. The transplant procedure was immediately scheduled at Sharda Hospital’s Center of Renal Sciences & Transplant. Within 24 hours of the transplant, the toxin levels in Anshula’s blood had returned to normal. Both sisters stayed in hospital for a few days and recovered remarkably.

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