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Megha Kept Herself Going to Overcome Tuberculosis

Megha started working in 2006 as a Financial Advisor in a reputed law firm. She was diagnosed with TB in 2014 while still working as a financial advisor.

Megha began noticing that she was ill when suddenly her stomach started swelling and continued to grow within a period of three weeks. She also experienced other symptoms like loss of appetite, fatigue, excessive occasional night sweats, nausea, weight loss, and fever.

Thereof, she decided to consult a doctor for her sudden deteriorating health. Megha's father recommended her to see Dr. Shailendra Nath Gaur, HOD, Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis at Sharda Hospital.

While understanding her symptoms the doctor and examining her, the doctor ordered blood tests and imaging tests to confirm the condition. Megha was diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

"I was not able to register for a while. Since I was nowhere near unhealthy, how could I be a TB patient?" - says Megha
During the course of time, Megha's weight reduced from 61 kgs to 56 kgs leaving her weak and emaciated. While Megha was undergoing treatment, she also continued working and carrying out her normal duties.

The combinations drugs and medications prescribed by Dr. Gaur helped in improving Megha's condition. However, the medications stopped working after 2 months. Observing her condition taking a relapse, the doctor added another TB injection (daily) for the entire two months.

After completing the course, Megha's symptoms were minimal. The doctor advised her to continue with the drugs for complete elimination of the bacteria from her system. In 2015, Megha was finally free from Tuberculosis.

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