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Mom Indeed is a Superhero!

Renu Tripathi, a really hard working woman is aged 35. She wakes up early, completes all the house chores and leaves for work, thereafter. She never backs down. For her family, she is a superhero.

"I cannot recall a day when I was sick and did not wake up before others.", she says. 

 However, since one week she was experiencing chronic lower back pain.

She ignored it thinking it may be muscular pain. But the following day she was unable to move from bed. Her pain was so severe that she was sobbing due to the pain. In that state, her family brought her to Sharda Hospital.

She was admitted to the emergency ward. Mrs. Renu complained about her inability to walk, stretch, bend, and even stand. The condition was much more grave than it seemed to be. 

Dr. R L Sahu, an experienced doctor from the department of Orthopaedics was handling the case. The doctor who has an experience of 16 years in the field suggested that an MRI test be done on her.

After the test results came, the doctor declared that she had a spinal disc problem for which she needed a lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery. 

Dr. Sahu assured there was nothing to worry and she would be fine after the surgery to function normally soon. 

Post surgery, when she came into senses, she smiled and said, "I feel better now." However, the doctor advised her to take care and that she needs proper rest for another 15 days.

It's now been a month and she has taken charge of everything once again. 

The prognosis was very good for Renu who has recovered from her surgery and is currently undergoing physiotherapy. 

Her son thanks Dr. Sahu, "Thank you for making her well again. You’re also a superhero like my mom!"

Dr. Sahu nods with a smile. 

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