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Leading a Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

One moment life was all hale and hearty and the other, it seemed to be the complete opposite. Mr. Rajiv Kukreja was an optimist at heart, who was leading a normal life before he noticed the warning signs of an upcoming health condition.

Climbing a flight of stairs had started to seem difficult and he said it felt like he was carrying a huge burden on his back. After repeated episodes of fatigue, dizziness and sometimes blurred vision, he knew something was seriously wrong. 

A thorough discussion with his wife, a nurse by profession, left the two suspicious about Rajiv suffering from some serious disorder. The duo immediately decided to visit the doctor. A series of tests and medical examination concluded that Mr. Kukreja was suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Being a retired athlete, coping with the changes in his body was extremely difficult for him. After his diagnosis, he felt as if his world had come down crashing. However, support from the doctors and his family kept him going. 

Rajiv started taking medications and physical therapy sessions, recommended to him by the senior neurosurgeons. With time, the disease became much easier to cope with. 

He also had to follow a wide range of prescription medications for the disease, out of which some were to be injected and others were oral. Moreover, he underwent a steroid infusion therapy every six months. 

“The doctor suggested me a few exercises, which I religiously follow. Dr. Bhardwaj had reminded me about the importance of exercise and I never disobey his advice. I follow a strict exercise routine, alternating between walking, running and swimming. The staff and doctors at Sharda Hospital were always so helpful, I never felt sad,”” says Rajiv.


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