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Patient Undergoes Multiple Therapies to Become a Brave Cancer Survivor

28-year-old Ankita experienced a massive pain in her right chest while at work. The pain subsided but reappeared 2 days later. 

During the time, she also noticed a grape sized lump on her right breast which prompted her to see a doctor at the Cancer Institute, Sharda Hospital. 
The tests suggested possibilities of a bad breast infection or breast cancer.

Further interventions revealed Ankita was suffering from the 3rd stage of inflammatory breast cancer.
More tests including Brain Scan, CT Scan were scheduled to figure the extent and span of cancer, after which she was referred for chemotherapy sessions. 

Ankita went through chemotherapy before the radiation therapy to reduce the cancer cells. She also underwent chemotherapy after the radiation therapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells.

A targeted therapy was also used to prevent the cancer cells from coming back. It has been 18 months and there are no adverse effects till now. 

Sharing her experience, Ankita says,

“When I came to Sharda Hospital, I felt like I was listened to and understood. That has made all the difference”

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