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Preparing for a Busy Day and…

A cheerful family of four had just returned from a happy get-together and preparing for yet another busy day at work/school. 

As everyone was about to leave home, Virat and the children heard a loud thud. As they rushed to the scene, they saw the lady of the house, Komal, lying unconscious, without a pulse and eyes wide open. 

Her husband immediately called Sharda Hospital’s emergency ambulance number and as they were waiting for the ambulance, he called up their neighbour, who herself was a doctor. While the neighbour provided CPR and performed emergency actions, the ambulance arrived.

“On the way, as I panicked, the paramedics took care of everything. I still remember Komal receiving a few electric shocks and needles being put through her body. It was a traumatising experience but later I realized the value of that emergency assistance,” recalls Virat, her husband.

After reaching the hospital, Virat says he was left in a shock when he found out that his wife had suffered a heart attack. 

The doctors were concerned about her health since she was pretty young, with no evident signs of previous condition or family history. After being in coma for a day and staying unconscious for hours later, Komal woke up; everyone had a little sigh of relief.

The days that followed weren’t easy for Komal and the family. She was in ICU and under medications that made her react differently at all times. Sometimes she was irritated and sometimes she was way too friendly than normal.

It’s been 6 months, and today, Komal is asymptomatic to major threats of heart attack. Her condition has significantly improved, but for sure, she has to live a few years under strict supervision.

“The nurses at Sharda Healthcity were absolutely amazing while handling me as I was going through the worst time of my life. I couldn’t have expected a better care facility elsewhere”, says a thankful Komal. 


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