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Radiology Specialist Dr. R.P. Tripathi Identified Hidden Cancer

Manav, a 30-year-old, marketing executive began to experience fatigue, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Puzzled by his condition, he came to Sharda Hospital for a full-body scan. While the doctor diagnosed his condition and asked about his medical history, he revealed, he smokes occasionally. 

While smoking occasionally could not be sole the reason for his condition, the doctor suggested him to undergo lung screenings. Manav was referred to Dr. R.P. Tripathi of Radio-diagnosis department for further guidance.   

For two years, Manav continued the lung screenings. During his last screening, the two lymph nodes in Manav's screening did not look right according to Dr. Tripathi. He identified a very small cell growth in tissues on his chest CT, not located where cancers are generally found.

After precisely analyzing the CT, the doctor confirmed, it is lung cancer. Since the cancer was identified at an early stage, the chances of recovery were bright. Dr. Tripathi then suggested Manav to quickly start with chemo treatment in order to cure the cancer.  

"The care had been amazing and very responsive. My chemo doctors admired Dr. Tripathi's vigilance on diagnosing the cancer at an early stage. He saved my life!" - Manav Sinha

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