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Received Accurate Diagnosis after 6 Months

Neena Khan, a 32-year-old woman was struggling with unusual abdominal bloating and constant pain in the lower back. After consulting 2-3 doctors in her locality, Mrs. Khan's condition showed no signs of improvement.

"Every time when I visited a doctor, they would hand me a list of tests to be done. But, even after receiving the test reports, no one was able to diagnose my condition. I lost the hope to get better and feel normal again."   

Since Neena was trying her best, Manjul (one of her friends) suggested her to consult Gynecology & Obstetrics expert Dr. Neerja Goel at Sharda Hospital.

Neena shared the symptoms of continuous pain, breast tenderness, and abdominal swelling. Dr. Goel diagnosed Neena and prescribed her CT scan, MRI and ultrasound tests. The reports showed an ovarian cyst of 8 cm, which, if develops may cause blockage of blood supply to the ovary.

Keeping the severity of her condition in mind, Dr. Goel suggested Neena to consider laparoscopic surgery for the removal of the cyst. The procedure involved making a tiny incision near the navel and then inserting small equipment into the abdomen to remove the cyst.

With Neena's consent, the doctor performed the surgery and removed the ovarian cyst. Post-surgery, Neena has now returned to her normal life without any complications.

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