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Soma Received Successful Fibroid Treatment Without Undergoing Surgery

Soma, a 42-year-old female came to Sharda Hospital with a condition of extremely heavy and prolonged periods. She was directed to see Dr. Nimmi Chutani, Gynaecology & Obstetrics expert for the treatment of her condition.

When Dr. Chutani diagnosed Soma, she pointed that due to prolonged menstrual cycle, the patient suffered a huge blood loss which has turned her anemic. Soma agreed to the fact that she had been feeling tired and dizzy. She also confided that she had been experiencing constant bladder pressure and had to wake up several times during the night for urination. 

Looking at her symptoms, the doctor diagnosed Soma with the condition of uterine fibroids. As her condition was severe and required immediate attention, Dr. Chutani recommended a hysterectomy. Soma refused to undergo such an invasive surgery.

Addressing Soma's concern, the doctor came up with an alternate treatment and referred her to see Dr. R.P. Tripathi. The doctor suggested Soma to undergo MRgFUS (Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound) treatment procedure for her uterine fibroids. This non-invasive procedure was performed in an MRI scanner under conscious sedation.

Soma was discharged the same day. She returned to work after 2 days and is doing very well. Her bleeding has decreased and she is truly enjoying her life.

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