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TEPP Surgery Transformed The Life of a Ventral Hernia Patient

Qasir, a 27-year-old man was in his prime years, living a healthy life when he started experiencing chills and abdominal pain at night.

After performing a CT scan and other tests his local doctor discovered that Qasir has gallstones and a highly infected gallbladder. As Qasir did not agree for a surgical process, the doctor attempted to remove the gallstones through the throat tube. The procedure resulted in a major failure.

Surgery being the only option, Qasir's parents decided to bring him to Sharda Hospital. However, by this time, Qasir's health deteriorated so much that the doctors were forced to perform an open surgery to remove the gallbladder and clean the infection.

Qasir was in the healing process when he noticed a bulging at the incision area. The doctor confirmed it was the case of Ventral Hernia. While most ventral hernias are an inch long, Qasir's hernia was 6 by 5 inches.

Knowing it would take an advanced solution to treat this complex condition, the doctor suggested Qasir to consider TEPP Surgery. 

Qasir was sedated under general anesthesia. The surgeon made small incisions below the navel and placed a balloon in the preperitoneal space. After the hernial sac was exposed, the surgeon repositioned it and sealed the hernia with a synthetic mesh.
Qasir's surgery was successful after 3 hours of determined efforts of the doctors and surgeons. He is now fine and resumed to his normal life.

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