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Tripti's Life Transformed After Early Melanoma Diagnosis

In 2017, Tripti moved to Noida to join a sales & marketing MNC. While she was still settling in the city, Tripti began facing problems in adjusting to the new place.

One morning when she woke up for her presentation, Tripti noticed a pink bump that looked like a pimple, near her scalp. Since it was quite small, she figured, it would heal soon.

She tried an over-the-counter topical pimple medication, but it kept growing. From just a tiny pimple, the bump turned into a size of an eraser. After a while, when the bump became painful, itchy and unmanageable, she decided to see a doctor.  

Simultaneously, Tripti also noticed she had swollen lymph nodes in her neck. She went to an ENT doctor, who thought Tripti had lymphoma. However, none of her symptoms matched with lymphoma.

Tripti came to Sharda Hospital for a second opinion. She was referred to Dr. Akhil Kumar Singh, Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy Specialist. The doctor prescribed biopsy to identify Tripti's condition. The results confirmed of stage 3 melanoma that spread to her lymph nodes.

Tripti, alongwith her mother visited the hospital for a radical neck dissection. Dr. Singh together with Dr. Sanjay Rai removed all of her lymph nodes. Following that, they started chemotherapy.

Post four rounds of chemo, Tripti's condition improved. The routine scans continued and about 2 years later the doctor gave a heads up for achieving clean scans and defeating melanoma. 

Firstly, I was scared when I was diagnosed with Melanoma but the polite doctors at Sharda Hospital kept me positive throughout the entire treatment.

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