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The Department of Central Laboratory at Sharda Hospital aims to provide the highest standards of diagnostic healthcare services regarding patient care, education and research. This department comprises New diagnostic techniques, automated instruments, and clinical laboratory technology that keep patient convenience and efficient services in mind. 

Our vision is to provide the best pathology lab experience to our patients by offering high-quality, accurate tests at affordable prices. We achieve this with the help of Physicians with specialised training, helping to supply pivotal data required for the evaluation, diagnosis and care of our patients.  

Sharda Hospital is known for high ethical standards and trust and every constituent of 'Sharda Hospital' follows.

•    Haematology
•    Special Haematology
•    Microbiology
•    Biochemistry
•    Histopathology
•    Cytology
•    Hormonal Assays
•    Serology

•    Dry Chemistry
•    Spectrophotometry
•    Direct Ion Selective Electrode
•    Immunoassay
•    HPLC
•    Photometry
•    Automated Tissue Processor
•    Flow Cytometry
•    Hydrodynamic Focusing
•    Chemiluminescence
•    Automatic cell counter 
•    Digital micro photography equipment with visual aid and monitor
•    Overhead projector, slide projector, LCD projector
•    Antigen retrieval system
•    Grossing station
•    Fully Automated Embedding System (Heated embedding module & cold plate)

Central Laboratory, Sharda Hospital is Certified by The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

•    Round the clock laboratory services for patient care with a well-equipped and advanced central laboratory.
•    Modern equipment and infrastructure with automated haematology and coagulation analysers, ESR and urine analysers, cytocentrifuge and automation in histopathology.
•    Multiple Pathology & Radiology facilities under one roof.
•    First home collection model' across Greater Noida and surrounding areas at the most affordable prices
•    Customized Health Packages
•    Our Central Laboratory -Sharda Hospital has conducted more than 1.6 million medical tests in the year 2017 and numbers are continuously growing.
•    Providing Active support in screening camps for cancer, antenatal problems and blood disorders.
•    Keeping Patients First- Our Pathology Laboratory works 24 x 7 to cater to the needs of our people.

•    Decahead microscope
•    Cryostat
•    Immunofluorescent microscope
•    Cytocentrifuge 
•    Deep freezer 
•    Research microscopes, binoculars
•    Students microscopes 
•    Rotary microtome
•    Automatic tissue processor 
•    Freezing microtome


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Dr. Geeta Deshmukh

Professor and HOD, Central Laboratory

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Dr. Manoj Kumar NandKeoliar

Associate Professor, Central Laboratory

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Dr. Gladys Rai

Professor and HOD, Biochemistry, Central Laboratory

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Dr. Renu Dutta

Professor and HOD, Microbiology, Central Laboratory

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Dr. Monisha Choudhury

Professor and HOD, Pathology, Central Laboratory

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