5 Tips For An Easier Normal Delivery

Aug 06, 2018

Cesarean deliveries or C-sections are suggested during complicated childbirths and are often used to curb maternal mortality rates. Sometimes, the procedure is also adopted when it is difficult to anticipate if a normal delivery would be possible. While C-section is a life-saving procedure in many cases, natural childbirth is often preferred due to various benefits like:

  • shorter and easier labour period (mother)
  • quicker recovery after childbirth (mother)
  • better gut (baby)
  • better brain development (baby)
  • decreased risk of adult illness (baby)
  • affordability
There are many ways to improve the chances of a natural delivery or vaginal birth. Here are a few tips that would help improve the odds.

1. Go For Perineal Massage

Massaging the perineum during the last weeks of pregnancy (start around 34th week) can reduce the chances of a C-section. This simple procedure prepares your vagina to get accustomed to the pressure during childbirth.

During the last weeks of pregnancy, go for a perineal massage once or twice a week. You could do it yourself or even better, look for an experienced doctor or midwife. This tip is especially recommended to first-time mothers who need to be accustomed to stretching.

2. Stay Mobile

During the course of a pregnancy, light exercises are highly recommended by doctors. Be it walking, rocking, squatting, sitting, swaying or simply switching sides, any of these would help your body cope up with contractions during childbirth. Mobility helps in directing the baby towards birth canal. The practice also gives expecting mothers some relief from back pain that happens because of baby weight or womb kicking by them.

3. Hot Water Showers

Hot showers/baths can do wonders in relaxing the muscles. Hot water reduces pain and also relaxes your back, belly and leg muscles. It is extremely comforting for women in labour and there is enough proof. In fact, given the comfort it provides, some hospitals also make you spend live labour in hot water tubs.

Important to Note: It is mandatory to regulate water temperature relevant to body temperature, around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Overheated water could increase heart rate and decrease the blood flow to other parts of the body, thereby causing stress to the baby.

Use a thermometer to check the temperature of water. Another method could be by immersing your elbow in the water tub/mug. In case the elbow turns red, you must wait for it to cool down.

4. Say NO to Stress

While it is perfectly normal to feel stressful during pregnancy, too much of it can be a cause of grave concern. Any form of negative emotion can make the childbirth more challenging.

Also, it can hamper the child in different ways like preterm birth, low birth weight, and even sleep and behavioral disorders.

Read books, listen to music or go for any activity that makes you happy. A stress-free pregnancy is the key to a normal delivery.

5. Exercise Regularly

A regular exercise routine is essential during pregnancy. Besides building stamina, it also keeps you active. Exercises like kegels strengthen the thigh muscles, pelvic tilts make your lower back flexible and your pelvic muscles loosen. Similarly, squats help in bringing the baby to the best birthing position and also help opening the pelvis. Consult with your gynae to know all about other exercises during the course of your pregnancy.

These simple tips are extremely workable and pave the road to a normal delivery. Practice these and a few more after consulting your doctor for an easier and happier delivery.

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