7 Fun Exercises for Babies 0-12 Months!

Jun 04, 2019

A balanced diet and a regular workout are mandatory for healthy living. However, the rule doesn't only apply to adults. Experts state, 'Exercises are necessary for infants too.' Baby development exercises promote muscle growth. Also, one gets to spend quality time with the baby. Besides, a daily dose of physical exercises keeps babies active and increases their ability to move well. So, let's bank upon these seven fun exercises for babies to help them grow up strong and big.

1. Head Lifting

Infants are born with very little power to control their neck and head muscles. They tend to develop this base skill during the first six months of life. Therefore, it is one of the most important baby development exercises. For this exercise, place the baby in a vertical position on his/her stomach. While he/she is in this position, bring your hands to their chest, support their neck and lift their head for a short period. Always remember to provide good support to their back. Benefits: The head lifting exercise promotes vestibular stimulation, balance, neck strength and midriff strength.

2. The Bicycle

Did you know cycling baby's legs help in relieving gas? It's not only a natural way of pushing air out, but it's also a great way to enhance legs, hips, and knees movement. Besides, it is one of the most fun exercises for babies. For this exercise, lay the baby on their back. Move their legs in bicycle kicks. Take their feet and push one leg towards the chest while the other is stretched out. Repeat this three-four times, pause and then start again. Make certain to be gentle and keep the pressure. This exercise is also soothing for colicky babies. Benefits: This exercise is a good way to work the legs, knees, hips, and abs. It helps in developing balance, strength, and overall fitness. The bicycle exercise also helps in increasing flexibility as well as his range of motion.

3. Finger Towing

A weak grip might be a forebearer to future disability. To avoid this problem, finger exercises are suggested for the infants. The finger towing exercise improves the overall function of the fingers and hand. It also makes babies hands more flexible. Place the baby on his/her back and put your two index fingers forward. When the baby grasps them, slowly lift your hands. When you do this, infants try harder to hold on tightly. Lift him/her up and gently drop down. Repeat the same 3 to 4 times. Benefits: This exercise is planned to enhance strength, hand and finger coordination, suppleness and adroitness. The finger towing exercise also improves mobility and circulation of the joints.

4. Tummy Time

Infants spend most of their time laying on their back. Tummy Time exercise is designed for the relaxation of their back. Besides, turning babies over onto their stomach helps build the shoulders, neck, arms, back, and stomach muscles. For this exercise, start with a 3-5-minute session. Place the baby tummy down on a playmat, lay side-by-side to keep him/her company. Engage the baby in talking, singing to the baby or put a toy within his/her grasp. Engaging the baby makes him/her want to look around, kick and reach. Benefits: This exercise helps in building the muscles they will need to sit up, roll over, and eventually crawl.

5. Chest Cross

While muscle strength is crucial, so are suppleness and coordination. Both provide stability required for precise and smooth movement. Place the baby on their back and then, get them to grasp your thumbs. After this, stretch baby's arms out wide over so that they cross over their chest. Repeat 4-5 times, but make sure not to exert too much pressure. Benefits: Chest cross exercise helps in promoting flexibility to baby's upper body. It also helps in building shoulder strength.

6. From Toe-to-Ear

For this exercise, place the baby on their back. Keep their leg straight, and then, gently move their right toe towards their left ear. Slowly bring the toes back to the normal position. Next, bring their left toe to their right ear. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times. Benefits: Toe to ear exercise helps in making the baby's legs flexible and strong.

7. The Tug Up

Firstly, hold the baby's forearms and pull them up slowly until they are in a sitting position. Also, make sure to keep their back upright while doing this. Now, slowly and gently put them back to their previous position. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times. Benefits: This exercise will help in promoting flexibility of the infant's upper body. A healthy habit is a good habit. When kids are accustomed to a healthy routine from an early age, they grow physically active. Moreover, an active child is less likely to suffer from health problems and lead an active life.

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