Healthy Eating at Work: Tips to Manage Work Day With Right Food!

Jun 03, 2019

In the generation of workaholics, everyone concentrates on making a better living than others. However, the very opportune idea must be accompanied by a proper health chart. When someone says 'health', the first instinct that comes to everyone's mind is 'healthy food'. Yes! Both are related to each other and without eating right, no one can achieve overall health. Thus, knowing what to eat to ensure one is sticking to healthy eating at work is of utmost importance.

1) Do Not Skip Breakfast

Never ever miss the first meal of the day! Starting the day with proper nutritious and fulfilling food is helpful in keeping one fueled to work the whole day. When breakfast is missed, one feels hunger pangs and consume more than required later. However, if one is already feeling full for good, the craving to eat more or eating junk will be less. This is one of the healthy work habits one must follow.

2) Hydrate Yourself

Sometimes, people misjudge thirst with hunger. Keeping oneself hydrated is the key to know the difference. As per The Institute of Medicine (IOM), "the adequate water intake per day for men is 125 ounces (3.7 litres), while for women it is 91 ounces (2.7 litres)." One can carry a big water bottle to work and finish it by the day end or refill the same if that is less than the required quantity. Drinking the proper amount of water helps in releasing bodily toxins and focus more on work.

3) Replace Junk With Fruits

Simply move that bowl of calories away from your workstation. Replace the same with fruits. Stop stashing those unhealthy munchies in the drawer and reduce the consumption of fat hidden in those sugary treats. On the contrary, fill office bag with fruits as they are fulfilling and enriched in different nutrients. Also, they come up with the bliss of minimal calories and high energy. The blend of best in one, indeed!

4) Learn to Say NO

Learn how to say 'NO' to the foods one should not be eating. In every office, there is a person asking for luring food items, but everyone knows how saying yes to that food is a bad choice. Thus, one must embody the art of saying 'NO' to the things which are not good for health.  One might feel difficulty in saying no in the beginning, but it is a good habit one must adopt for long term health benefits. In order to achieve all the healthy eating at work goals, one must disagree on eating some food types.

5) Take a Lunch Outside

Skip eating in front of the desktop. Especially, while working on some project to meet the deadlines. Ensure to give lunch a proper time by going out. Maybe that will leave one with less time to eat more, but that is what everyone wants. One will eat what is fulfilling and healthy, instead of eating junk, which is not good in either way. Taking lunch outside also ensures that one is walking and trying to digest the food eaten. Sitting the whole day at one place is not good for health and can lead to major disorders like spine deformities, lower back pressures, and mental disorders like depression. One must get some sunshine as well to absorb vitamin D and counter disorders like depression. Getting fresh air and forgetting about the work pressure for some time is soothing as well. Thus, taking lunch breaks outside is a win-win situation for office people.

6) Plan Your Meals

Plan it all! One can stick to healthy eating if there is a plan on the mind. One can plan the diet for a whole week and try following it. Once, the things are sorted in mind, it is easier than ever to follow. The only need will be determined. Also, one won't feel the hassle of thinking about what to eat next, reducing the risk of dealing with pressure. One will have decided food on the mind to choose from. This will also help the person to continue eating right. After one or two days of difficulty in following the diet, one will get motivated to complete the whole week eating right.

7) Bring Healthy Food at Work and Keep Munching

Eat your own food, 'cause only you know what is right for yourself. Everyone knows how important it is to stay clear of food rich in calories and fat. However, when there is no option available, one stick to the food which is available instantly, be it junk or a bowl of sweet candies. Thus, one must ensure to pack one's bag, which is full of healthy snacks. It can include food items like granola, fruits, raw veggies, salads, quinoa, oats, and yoghurt, etc. One can choose from one's own eating preferences, not from the options available at work. If one is a non-vegetarian, one can go for lean meats instead of fried chicken. Also, frequent eating breaks are important. One must take small portions and eat after set intervals. This will ensure that one is not hungry and is not just working all day long. Thus, one must bring healthy snacks to work as per the preference. Healthy eating at work is something every person must abide by. This helps in increased concentration at work and healthy life as well. Just little changes in lifestyle can help one to stay healthy forever.  

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