A Day to Commemorate Selflessness - World Humanitarian Day

Aug 17, 2018

Millions of innocent civilians lose their lives in a muddle of war between countries, religions, political parties and people. Civilians including children, disabled, senior citizens, women, etc. are exploited to avenge certain motives.    

And the rally just does not just end there. Homes are destroyed, children are forced out and women become instruments of unspeakable acts. In fact, people, who try to save others from the danger and adversity of the conflicts, suffer the most. They are either kidnapped, injured, burned alive, murdered or tortured mercilessly.

Even in such moments of despair, there are some heroes who may not wear capes. However, they still deserve applause for their predilection for peace. These heroes are social workers, messiahs of peace, food and essential item suppliers and last but not the least, healthcare providers.

The threats and adversity faced by the volunteers and rescuers of the war are highly acknowledged and respected with the initiative taken by the United Nations General Assembly.

The Dawn of World Humanitarian Day

The UN Assembly dedicates 19th August as World Humanitarian Day to honor the lives of loyal aid workers. These gallant people travel to the world's most dangerous areas supporting civilians caught in the crossfire of battles and global health emergencies.

The World Humanitarian Day is the outcome of a 19th August 2003 bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. 15 years ago, in this bomb attack, 22 humanitarian aid workers were killed, including the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Sergio Vieira de Mello. The explosion was so disastrous that it damaged a hospital next door and its shockwave was felt over a mile away.

Five years later, in 2008, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution designating 19th August as World Humanitarian Day. The Canal Hotel attack was a massive loss for the United Nations and the humanitarian community.

The attack raised the need to boost the protection of humanitarians, especially the healthcare givers who lost their lives in the line of their duty. These medical workers have no other agenda than curing the injured, treating them and delivering the basics of life.

Medical workers are the only hope for survival for people who are hurt and ailing because of the war. Yet, they are the most likely target. So, when the medical workers are harmed, they are left with no choice but to flee. And, that result in hundreds of death, suffering, and a permanent loss of vital medical care.


#NotATarget campaign began in the year 2017 to gather support for civilians affected by humanitarian crises. It is also an initiative to pay tribute to the aid workers who help them. Since the 2017 campaign recorded a huge wake of more than 2 million people taking social actions. The campaign momentum will continue in 2018 too.

The campaign focuses on better protection of civilians, humanitarians, and health workers. It calls for action by urging global leaders to lay more security in order to protect civilians in conflict zones.

Effort Towards Change

If you are moved by this campaign, you must join the #NotATarget campaign and sign the first ever "living petition" for the security of civilians and the humanitarians.

Sharda Hospital continues to support the legacy and ideals for which many healthcare workers succumb due to violence or distress. We salute the values for which they continue to put their lives at stake. We stand shoulder to shoulder and spread our arms through services for people, as a part of our social responsibility.

Since it takes millions and billions of people to bring momentum to a cause, how about standing together and making it happen! Being an avid volunteer, you can take initiatives for spreading awareness and helping the needy without expecting anything in return. Also, you can help in organizing campaigns to support the motive behind World Humanitarian Day.

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